• Valentine's ideas?

    Name engraved or plain hearts! Just adorable!
  • A cheesboard! What else?

    A perfect present or just treat yourself 😉

Hand-made jewellery boxes, mirrors and other gifts made of wood by Andrew Rennie

Andrew is a self taught woodworker. Being brought up close to nature most of his life often shows up in the work, with the gentle flow of design reflecting the natural shapes and movement around.

The inspiration for a piece of work can come at any time or at any place, just a shape or an angle out of nowhere is enough to start the imagination working, a normal object viewed at an abnormal angle or an image caught in the peripheral vision, each can have its effect.

Keeping the lines smooth and flowing, and being particular about the finish makes most of his work very tactile, especially some of the more simple shapes that almost call out to be touched.

He concentrates mainly on jewellery boxes, made from a single piece of wood sourced in the Clyde Valley and surrounding areas. All boxes are bespoke, made with tender loving care.


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